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X10 Home Automation
What is X10?
X10 is a communications "language" that allows compatible products to talk to each other using the existing electrical wiring in the home. Most X10 compatible products are very affordable and the fact that they talk over existing wires in your home means that no costly rewiring is necessary. Installation is simple, a transmitter plugs (or wires) in at one location in the home and sends its control signal (on, off, dim, bright, etc.) to a receiver which plugs (or wires) into another location in the home.

It is important to note that RCDs can attenuate the X10 signal on the mains. X10 will normally travel through one RCD without any issue, but will be severely attenuated if it travels through two. In most homes this will not cause an issue because the signal does not need to travel through an RCD, but can cause problems with people who wish to use X10 to control devices in outbuildings etc

For more information check out the Flash demos on the right
X10 Computerised Control
Adding a computer controller will allow you to start properly automating your house. Our controllers range from the CM12 entry level system with free Active Home software, up to the HomeVision standalone controller that can run your whole house!

By using computer controllers you can add features such as automated macros (when one event occurs, the controller can control multiple devices), dusk/dawn lighting and curtain control, smart irrigation, etc.

With Homeseer, or HomeVision the possibilities are endless using powerful if-then-else logic. Only your imagination will limit what can be achieved

CM12U - Entry Level Computer/House Control

CM15Pro - Computer Interface and RF Transceiver
Security Systems

Entry Level
SC28X/SC9000 Home automation/security system
Control your house by mobile phone!

XM10 (TW7223) X10 mains interface for use with X10 peripherals like Comfort or Visonic Alarm Panels
X10 PLC Receivers
Plug your table lamps or any appliance into the relevant module for instant X10 control
X10-2 X10 Compatible (Domia 10) Plug-in Appliance Module
Plug your table lamps or any appliance into the relevant module for instant X10 control
AM12 - Plug-in Appliance Module

RPA - Plug-in Appliance Module
Plug your table lamps or any appliance into the relevant module for instant X10 control
X10-2 X10 Compatible (Domia 10) Plug-in Lamp Module
Plug your table lamps or any appliance into the relevant module for instant X10 control
LM12 - Plug-in Lamp Module
Plug your table lamps or any appliance into the relevant module for instant X10 control
LM12 Mark 2 - Plug-in Lamp Module with Soft Start/Soft Fade

RPL - Plug-in Lamp Module

2225E Dual Appliance Switch

LW10 - Light Switch

2221E Dual Light Switch (Requires Neutral Connection)

2223E Dual Light Switch (No Neutral Connection)

RMA Light Switch (Lamp Module, RF Receiver, And 2-Way PLC)

LW12 - 2 Wire Dimming MicroModule
DIN mounted Lamp Module with
LD11 DIN mounted Lamp Module
DIN mounted Appliance Module for a real pro installation
AD10 DIN mounted Appliance Module

AW12 MicroModule X10 Compatible Receiver/Appliance Module

LWM1/LIW25I/DAIX10 MicroModule X10 Compatible Receiver/Lamp/Dimmer Module, and X10 transmitter, with Status Response
The UM7206 is basically a low voltage relay activated by an X10 command. The relay can be momentary or held closed
UM7206 X10 Universal Module - X10 controlled relay

RMV Projector Screen/Motor Drive Switch
X10 PLC Transmitters

MT10U Mini Timer

SM10U X10 Powerflash Module - Sends X10 when a contact is closed
X10 Filters/Combiners/Amplifiers

XTB-IIR Signal Amplifier and XM10 Emulator. The ULTIMATE X10 accessory!

FM10 Plug-In Filter Use To Stop Electrically Noisy Devices Stopping X10 Comms
X10 RF Receivers
X10 RF Receivers/Gateways receive X10 RF signals through the air and then convert the signals into X10 that travels along the mains wiring of your house. If you plan on using any X10 RF Transmitters then you will also need one of these X10 RF Receivers

RPT 256 Address RF Receiver, and X10 TX/RF with Status Response, built-in 13 amp Appliance Module

IR7243W ALL HOUSE CODE infra-red AND RF -> X10 converter

RMA Wall Switch (RF Receiver, And 2-Way PLC)
X10 RF Transmitters
X10 RF Transmitters send wireless RF signals through the air. To use X10 RF Transmitters you will also need an X10 RF Receiver/Gateway which will put the received RF signal onto the mains wiring, such as a TM13U, a TM13U-AH, an SC2800, or a IR7243W

IMRF X10 Compatible RF Switch On/Off

EM X10 Compatible RF Switch On/Off/Dim/Bright

KR22e "Credit Card" 4 Address On/Off/Dim RF Keyfob

MS13 Internal RF PIR Movement Sensor. Controls Lights/Appliances/Trigger Macros

SS13 RF 3 Address On/Off/Dim RF Transmitter. Installs Anywhere, just stick to the wall
Just getting started?

More examples...

Control house lighting
Home control for the elderly
Getting up in the morning
Setting "Mood Lighting"
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Early Warning anti-fraud member

3rd Man anti-fraud screening

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