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Pictured above is the AD10 DIN mounted Appliance Module. This module mounts in a standard UK consumer unit, and can be used to control a variety of devices.

The AD10 can be used to control household lighting, outside lights, security lights, fluorescent lights, water values or even a mains outlet (thereby allowing you to control washing machines and dish washers).

The unit may also be controlled manually by wiring a mains switch to it (either a standard UK light switch or even better our budget range of push button momentary switches/faceplates or our budget range of standard looking momentary switches/faceplates or our or our high quality brass or stainless steel push buttons), plus, of course, by an X10 transmitter.

The AD10 is well suited to automation of Heating and Hot Water. For low voltage switched boilers you can use the AD10 in conjunction with a mains contactor (Relay) - 20amps. To allow the AD10 to switch loads in excess of 16amps you can use the mains contactor/relay - 20amps, 40amps, or 63amps

Slide Switch
  • 0: The connected load is switched off permanently and cannot be switched on by the wall switches or an X-10 controller
  • 1: The connected load is switched on permanently and cannot be switched off by the wall switches or an X-10 controller
  • AUTO: The connected load can be switched by the wall switches or an X-10 controller
    (in normal operation you would have the switch set to Auto)
Terminal 1 is designed for standard mains on/off switches: the relay picks up when phase is present and releases when there is no voltage at the terminal.

Terminal 2 is designed for momentary push switches: each time phase is applied the relay switches from one state to the other.

Incandescent bulb OK
LV Halogen OK depending on transformer
GU10 Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb OK
CFL bulb OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb OK
Most LED bulbs OK
Philips Master LED Mains GU10 bulb OK

Technical Specification
Supply voltage:      230V +10%/-15% 50Hz
Supply current:      =< 20mA capacitive
Making capacity:     2KW (incandescent lamp)
                     3A (motors)
                     16A (resistive loads)
EMC emission:        According to EN50081-1
EMC immunity:        According to EN50082-1
Electrical safety:   According to EN60950 and EN60065
Signal sensitivity:  15mVpp min 50mVpp max at 120KHz
Input impedance:     => 180Ohms (L-N) at 120KHz
Connections:         Screw type terminals for phase, neutral,
                     switched phase, control 1 and 2
Ambient temperature: -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C (operation)
                     -20 dgrees C to +70 degrees C (storage)

Dimensions:          Length 88, Width 35, Height 65 mm


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10001 AD10 DIN Mounted X10 Appliance Module Discontinued.    
12652 DIN Enclosure For 1 x AD10 Discontinued.  


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