Sunday, 11th April 2021

Coax Cable

The second most common cable to install around your house is coax. This can be used to send video images (TV, video, DVD, etc) throughout the house, and can also be used for video cameras either inside or outside the house. We Recommend a cable called CT100 which we sell on 100 and 250 metre reels. This cable is extremely high quality and is very low loss. This cable is far superior to the standard brown TV coax found in most UK houses.

CT125 cable is even more superior to CT100, however CT125 is much harder to work with since it is difficult to bend. CT100's performance should easily be good enough for an average house, though if you want "the best" then CT125 is the cable to go for

For a really professional finish to your coax/F plugs we highly recommend purchasing the 12610 Heat Shrink. You simply cut a length of about 2-3cms and push this onto the coax BEFORE you fit the F Plug. Fit the F Plug then push the heat shrink over the outer of the F Plug, so some is holding the plug and some is left over the coax. Then use a heat gun (or a lighter) to heat the heat shrink until it shrinks to give a tight fit over the F plug and the coax. The heat shrink we offer also includes a hot glue adhesive inside the heat shrink to give a perfect waterproof connection. The heat shrink also acts as a perfect strain relief for your cable. The heat shrink is 1.2m long so there should be enough to do at least 20-30 plugs

Attenuation Max (db/100m)
  40 100 200 400 860 1000 1200 1500 1750
  MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz
CT100 4.0 6.4 9.1 13.0 19.7 21.0 23.2 26 28.3
CT125 3.3 5.2 7.4 10.7 16.1 17.4 19.2 21.7 23.6

NOTE: If shipping internationally cable will be charged an additional shipping fee. We will advise you by e-mail of the costs prior to shipping
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    Part No Description Stock Availability at 10:56 Apr, 11 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    10203 CT100 Coax Cable 100 Metre Reel Discontinued.    
    10012 CT125 Coax Cable 100 Metre Roll Discontinued.  
    10611 AP01801 F Plug, Twist-On, for CT100 Discontinued.  


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