Sunday, 9th May 2021

Pressure Sensitive Mats

These security pressure mats are designed for use under carpets etc. They have four wires; 2 normally open SPST, the other two are a continuous loop. The large mat is suitable for general use whilst the smaller one is for use on stairs

Use in conjunction with a SM10 X10 Powerflash module to send X10 signals. If the Powerflash module is used you can have it signal any X10 module, one example is an SC546 X10 Chime Module which will "chime" to alert you.

Technical Data
Max. Working Voltage 28v DC
Max. Current 500ma
Breakdown Voltage 50v
Dimensions (LxW)
Standard 525x380mm
Stair 585x175mm

Part No Description Stock Availability at 14:36 May, 09 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10057 Standard Pressure Mat Stock = 3 £ 4.00
10056 Stairs Pressure Mat Discontinued.  


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