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You would normally use these products to control devices that are out of sight (in a cupboard for instance), for hardwiring infra-red distribution around the house, or for sending commands back to a home controller, like HomeVision.

The 490 is miniature IR receiver that features surface mount technology. The 490 has its electronics housed in a brass cylinder. The "business end" of the unit is a small round lens. This small receiver is designed to be placed in very tiny spaces. One example is a small corner of an equipment cabinet. A single, 1/2-inch hole will accommodate the 490. The high sensitivity of this receiver gives you the ability to place the 490 further away from the hand held remote, increasing the placement options you have.

  • Extremely small package, only 2 inches deep
  • Works in normal 3-wire mode
  • Talkback green LED tests system for correct wiring as well as indicating infrared reception
  • RF Grid included for EMI interference reduction
  • SUN490 Sunscreen filters available separately. Order these to help with sunlight and stray IR problems. They fit easily under the bezel
The 490 is available in several versions as follows:

490-00 - Standard version, with mini 3-conductor 7 ft. ribbon cable and separate screw terminal block (supplied)

490W-00 - Same as the 490-00 except with white bezel

Except for the variations noted above, each unit in the 490 series has the same features and specifications.

  • Infrared modulation frequency bandwidth: 30 - 100 kHz
  • Nominal reception range: > 30 feet
  • Nominal reception angle: 55 degrees off axis
  • Cable requirements for long lengths: three-conductor/24 gauge up to 200', 22 gauge up to 600', 20 gauge up to 2000' and 18 gauge up to 5000' (unshielded OK)
  • Maximum cable length: One mile with 18 gauge
  • Maximum current output: 100 milliamps
  • Power requirements: 12 volts DC @ 10 mA

Note. Does not include Block, emitters or 12V power supply

Example using 490-00


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    10067 Xantech 490-00 "Microlink" Brass Tube IR Receiver Discontinued.    
    10667 Xantech 490W-00 "Microlink" White Tube IR Receiver Discontinued.  
    11112 Xantech SUN480 / SUN490 Sun Filter For 480/490 IR Receivers Discontinued.  


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