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CM12U Home Automation Controller

  • Supplied with both 9 Pin Serial, and USB Connection
  • Let's you control X10 devices directly from your PC
  • Set up Timed Events that run at specific times
  • Set up Dawn/Dusk Events to run at sunrise or sunset
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista 32, Windows 7 32bit, Vista 64 bit* and Windows 7 64 bit*
With the CM12U X10 Computer Interface, you can program timed schedules for your lights and appliances and also create X10 macros. With macros, a single X10 command can be used to trigger a sequence of X10 commands. On-screen representations of switches allow you control X10 devices directly from your computer by clicking on them.

A limited number of programmed events and macros can be downloaded to the 1K memory on the CM12U unit for stand alone operation (with the PC turned off). Energy Star compatible PCs can be automatically "woken" up from sleep mode when the PC is required to take action (for programmed events that exceed on-board memory space).

The CM12U unit plugs into the serial port of any PC running Windows. The socket on the front of the unit is an unswitched pass-through power outlet for the power cord of the PC (though we suggest leaving this socket unused to help prevent the PC interfering with X10 communications). A CD-ROM drive is required.

P/N 12006 and P/N 12726 are NOT supplied with any software, but you can download ActiveHome from the internet

Please note that Active Home software is extremely basic, and is really intended as a "taster" of PC controlled home automation. It basically turns your PC into a timer, allowing modules to be turned on and off at specific times, and/or at dawn/dusk. We highly suggest purchasing Homeseer software which is proper home automation software for use with the CM12. No support is offered in any way for Active Home software.

If you insist upon using the free software, then 2 x AAA batteries are required to keep the RAM intact. The RAM is not powered by the mains electricity. If you have a PC attached 24/7 then the timers will operate via the Active Home software. However, if the PC is disconnected then batteries are required. Note that if you disconnect the CM12 from the PC, it is important to disconnect the cable at the CM12 end. Otherwise the CM12 will pick up interference via the serial cable, and it's internal clock with run fast/slow. If you use Homeseer or Harmony then batteries are not required as neither software package uses the RAM in the CM12 (the CM12 only acts as a Gateway), and in any case with these software packages require the PC be connected and running 24/7

The USB version of the CM12, is a standard CM12, with a USB -> Serial converter. The USB driver is setup to emulate a serial port

Windows XP and Vista 32bit using RS232 CM12
If you have trouble getting ActiveHome to communicate with the CM12 under Windows XP, try these two steps.
1. Left mouseclick the Windows "Start" button, highlight "All Programs" -> "Home Control" -> "ActiveHome (TM)". Right Click on "ActiveHome(TM)" and then left click on "Properties" Screen View
In the properties window that opens choose the "Compatibility" tab, check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" checkbox and select "Windows98 / Windows Me" from the drop down list. Screen View. Then left click "OK".
2. Reconfigure the serial port to COM2 (which on XP is done through Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Port Settings -> Advanced).


Ensure you install the included driver before you plug in the USB to Serial cable

Then plug the USB to Serial cable in, and connect it up to the CM12

Then you need to find out what COM port your USB to Serial cable is configured as - this is checked by right clicking on the "My Computer" icon, selecting Properties, selecting the Hardware tab, selecting Device Manager and expanding the "Ports (COM & LPT)" branch in the list there. There should be an entry for "Prolific USB to Serial device". Right click on that and choose "Properties". Go to "Port Settings" and click the "Advanced" button and you should see a drop down list of available COM port numbers - the entry in the box initially is the number that that unit is set to currently. It needs to be between COM1 and COM4 to be able to work with Activehome.

Once you know what COM port number it is set to (and it's between 1 and 4) then set that in the Activehome communications setup menu.

*Windows Vista 64 bit And Windows 7 64bit

We have a user who has managed to get the CM12 and ActiveHome working under Windows 7 64 bit - the same may apply for Vista 64bit but we have not tested it. Here is what he said

This USB > Serial adapter from Maplins:

With updated drivers from Prolific ("PL-2303 USB to Serial Bridge Controller")

There is also further info here

There is also a third party version of Active Home, called Active Home Vista which should run okay on Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit here

Download CM12 USB Driver


(Click for a full size image)

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