Saturday, 19th June 2021

Vehicle Alert console and probe

  • Activate: lights, chimes, surveillance cameras...
  • 2 transistor alarm outputs (low-voltage)
  • Connect to X10 via SM10 PowerFlash Module, or HomeVision
  • Console has built-in buzzer
  • Up to 2,500 cable length
  • Adjustable probe sensitivity

 This sensor uses magnetic sensing to detect cars as they pass by. Immune to false alarms by animals, swaying trees and people. The sensor probe is simply buried 6-8" underground beside your driveway and a wire run back to the console in the house. When a car passes by the probe, the buzzer in the console will sound for an adjustable duration. At the same time the 2 built-in transistor outputs will close. Cable runs may be as long as 2500 feet.

If you have an intelligent home automation controller like the HomeVision with digital low voltage inputs, you can connect the outputs of the console to your digital inputs.

Probes come with special burial grade cable that can withstand years of burial without any additional jacketing or protection. You can purchase probes with a continuous seamless length of cable or add additional length with a splice kit that ensures a waterproof junction.

Part No Description Stock Availability at 08:38 Jun, 19 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10103 Vehicle Alert Console (Without Probe) Discontinued.    
10105 Vehicle Alert Probe ONLY With 200 Feet Cable Discontinued.  


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