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SS13 RF 3 Button Light Switch

The SS13 is a radio based X10 light switch. It attaches to the SURFACE of any wall easily.

The SS13 will signal a TM13, and will turn on/off/dim three sequencial X10 addresses (eg: A1, A2, A3). Can be used in conjunction with an LW10 wall switch to give two-way switching capability.

We have tested the practical RF operating range (the distance between the SS13 and a TM13) and it is approximately 35 feet, however your own mounting/circumstances may mean the range is slightly shorter or longer.

Please note that this item has been in stock for some time. Whilst it does come with batteries, these batteries will now be discharged. You need to buy batteries for this item separately. Hence the extremely low price

Download manual (pdf)

Technical Data

Dimentions: H 11.5cms, W 7cms, D Approx 0.8cms
Battery: 1 CR2032, 3V lithium
RF frequency: 433.92 MHz
Radiated output: < 5833 æV/m " 3m
RF operating range: 30 m (open field)
Approvals: ETS 300220, 300683. CE Mark
Ambient temperature: - 10 degrees C to + 50 degrees C (operation), - 20 degrees C to + 70 degrees C (storage)


Part No Description Stock Availability at 14:04 May, 09 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10185 SS13E Super Slim Wireless 3 Button X10 RF Switch/Dimmer Stock = 11 £ 10.00
10509 CR2032 Lithium Battery (Twin Pack) Stock = 2 £ 5.40
11024 TM13U SINGLE HOUSE CODE X10 RF Receiver and X10 Transmitter, 5A App Module Discontinued.  

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