Wednesday, 25th November 2020

XM10 (TW7223) X10 Mains Interface

The XM10 (TW7223) is used to connect certain X10 devices to the mains for X10 signalling. Products such as HomeVision, Comfort and Visonic alarms require the XM10 if you wish to use them to send X10 signals

The XM10 will not attach to a PC, and is not designed to allow you to program your own programs. A CM12U is best suited for that

The XM10 has recently been redesigned, so both XM10U and XM10E are the same physical design, but include either a UK mains lead (XM10U) or European 2-Pin mains lead (XM10E). The units also now include both straight and crossed type RJ11 -> peripherals leads (note to save you hours of head scratching, the leads are occasionally mislabelled the wrong way round!)


Part No Description Stock Availability at 18:54 Nov, 25 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10215 XM10U (TW7223) X10 -> Mains Interface (UK Plug) Discontinued.    


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