Wednesday, 28th July 2021

SM10E X10 "Powerflash" Module

  • Automatically turn on lights, music, etc. when doors open
  • Create your own security system
  • Add remote doorbell chimes
  • Turn a light on when a vehicle comes down your drive
  • Turn off vacuum when doorbell rings
  • Signal you when the garage door is open
This plug-in unit sends an X10 signal to receiver devices when a contact closure is made or a low voltage (6-18V AC, DC or Audio) is applied to its terminals. In mode 1 it sends ALL LIGHTS ON to the same house code and a regular ON (to operate appliances) to the same unit code that the interface is set to. When contacts are opened it sends an OFF to the same unit code but leaves the rest of the lights on. In mode 2 it sends a flashing ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL OFF signal and leaves the lights ON after the contacts are opened. In mode 3, which is the mode that will be most used for non-security type applications, the interface sends an ON only to the same house and unit code. When the contacts are opened it sends an OFF to the same house and unit code.

  • Triggered by Contact Closure OR Low Voltage 6-18V (AC, DC or Audio)
  • Mode 1: All Lights On, 1 Appliance ON/OFF
  • Mode 2: Flashing All Lights On/Off
  • Mode 3: On/Off For One Unit Code Only
Can be used with Indoor or outdoor photo electric beam detectors, Pressure sensitive mats, Hardwired PIRs, or any closed contact device.


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