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SW10G Motor Drive Wall Switch (European Mount)

Install a SW10G (our part No 10337) to control your projector screen. The SW10G is designed for controlling screens that move up and down, or shutters that move left and right.

Remove your existing switch and replace it with the SW10G. Note the SW10G is packaged in a European shaped module so some work may be required to improve the "look" of the finished wall switch. The SW10G has inputs for Positive, and Neutral, and outputs for "up" and "down". These should correspond with the wires you already have at the old switch.

Once the SW10G is connected up you calibrate the unit by setting the House Code dial to "*", and pressing the up button until your screen is fully up. Next press the down button until the screen is fully down. Finally set the House and Unit codes to the codes you wish to use (for our example A1).

Next attempt control with an X10 transmitter. Press A1 on, this should move the screen down. After that press A1 off, and this should move the screen back up again.

Most people want to control their projector screens by infra-red remote control, so you will need an IR7243 (P/N 10219) which converts infra-red into X10 signals.

It should be noted that the SW10G is an analogue device that uses approximate timings for the open and close duration. Therefore it is neccasary to set the screen's lower limiter to stop the screen where you actually want it. To do this you should wind the screen up, adjust the down travel limiter by half a turn, drop the screen and check where it stops, raise the screen again, adjust by half a turn, drop the screen and check - repeat until happy with setting, don't make more than half a turn adjustment at a time etc and don't adjust the down limiter without having retracted the screen fully first
Whilst the SW10G is a European shaped module, it will fit into a 47mm UK backbox


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10337 SW10G X10 Wall Motor Drive Switch (German Style) Discontinued.    


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