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  • Replaces standard light switch - No additional wiring to do
  • Does not require a Neutral connection at the switch
  • Slave module replaces standard two way switching lights - again no additional wiring to be done
  • Slave communicates with master so it knows current dim level
  • Attractive hi-tech design
  • Maximum Dim Wattage 500 Watts (Minimum 40 Watts)
  • Renowned Lutron build quality
The switches replace standard UK light switches, and feature a built-in dimmer unit. Wonderful little LED's (light emitting diodes) light up as the light level increases or decreases. Pictured you will see the master switch and the tiny dimming module at the back.

The master can be used as a manual on/off/dim switch, and can also be controlled using infra-red either by purchasing the optional infra-red remote or by using a Philips Pronto/Marantz RC5000 intelligent remote control (click to download the CCF). The Pronto CCF is better then the Lutron remote control in that it has fade up and fade down buttons, and also a full brightness button.

There are two model types for the Master. MLV which is for incandescent lights or tungsten or magnetic Low Voltage lights. The ELV version is for use with lagging edge dimmers which are not generally used these days.

A slave unit may also be added to the set-up, so you can control your lights from more than one switch (ideal for stairs where you wish to have a switch upstairs as well as downstairs, or in a lounge where you have more than one entrance). A maximum of an incredible 9 slave switches are possible !

The slave communicates to the master using the existing wiring for any normal two-way switching, which is 3 core mains cable.

If the master is turned on and then dimmed, and then you attempt control from the slave, the slave will know what dim level the master was set at and will dim or brighten from that point.

Lutron products are amazingly reliable with a 1 in 20,000 failure rate !!

Recommended back box depth is 35mm (minimum depth is 25mm)

It is important to note, that if you mount 2 Masters next to each other (using the 2-gang frame), that they will both react to the same infra-red command. However you can program each switch with a different "scene" so that one could perhaps go to 100%, whereas the other could go to 30% etc.

These switches are NOT X10 compatible.

Telume Master

1 LEDs to indicate light level
2 Infrared Receiver (optional)
3 On/Off:   Tapswitch - Fades lights on or off
  Turn On:  Tap once (lights fade to the preset level), tap twice (lights turn on to full brightness)
  Turn Off: Tap once (lights fade to off), press and hold (for delayed fade to off)
4 Dim
5 Brighten

Telume Slave

1 On/Off:   Tapswitch - Fades lights on or off
  Turn On:  Tap once (lights fade to the preset level), tap twice (lights turn on to full brightness)
  Turn Off: Tap once (lights fade to off), press and hold (for delayed fade to off)
2 Dim
3 Brighten


Stainless Steel

Bright Brass

Satin Brass

Bright Chrome

10575 Two-gang mounting frame


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  • Download a Pronto CCF to control the Lutron switch
  • Download tested LV Transformers for ELV Series (.doc)
    Note the ELV switches are for trailing (or lagging) edge electronic transfomers. These types of dimmers are not in general use these days.

    MLV switches are for use with incandescent lights or tungsten or magnetic transformers. The MLV type switch is what most people would need.

    Slave units merely control the Master. A Slave cannot directly control a lamp. You must have a Master first.

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