Sunday, 12th July 2020

Exclusive to Lets Automate WS10U X10 UK Mains Socket

Rear view of socket.
At last we finally have a UK X10 mains socket! No longer is there a need for plug in modules when you want a permanent X10 solution. The WS10 replaces a double gang UK mains socket, and gives you a single gang X10 controlled socket (the other gang is used to house the X10 electronics).

The socket has a On/Off switch as part of the socket. When the switch is turned on, you have X10 control of the socket. When the switch is turned off the socket is off, and can not be controled by X10

To install the unit:
1. Turn off the mains electricity!
2. Remove your existing socket, from it's metal back box.
3. Remove the 1 gang socket from the main body of WS10 - this will reveal 3 unused screw-down connections.
4. Fit the Positive (L), Neutral (N), and Ground/Earth lives into the WS10, taking care that no strands of wires are loose or touching the outputs.
5. Re-fit the single gang socket onto the front of the WS10 main body.
6. Fit the WS10 onto the double metal back box.
If in any doubt always contact a qualified electrician! At all times remember electricity can kill!!

Width: 140mm
Height: 84mm
Depth (From wall): 11mm excluding rocker switch
Depth (Inside wall): 22mm


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10530 WS10U X10 Mains Socket (Double Gang, Single Socket) (Lets Automate Branded) Discontinued.    


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