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Global Comms - 4 and 8 Way "Loft Box" TV Distribution

  • Distribute Sky/Sky+/SkyHD (in SD), TV/FM aerial, and CCTV signals around your whole house!
  • Fully compatible with "TV Link" remote eye, so you can control the Sky box(es) from the distant rooms*
  • Superb signal quality in every room
  • Combines Satellite, TV, FM, DAB & modulated CCTV on to one down cable to the living room.
  • Typically 8dB gain to each output
  • TV, FM, Digi Channel, VCR & CCTV available at each output.
  • Built in switch mode power supply with LED power on indicator.
The LoftBox is an intergrated home distribution system. Normally located in the loft (or Node 0), it combines TV, FM, DAB, modulated* CCTV & Satellite on to one down cable, feeding to a Global triplexing wallplate in the living room.

The LoftBox takes a return feed from the living room which would typically be from the UHF2 output from the Sky digibox or from a Y splitter. FM & DAB are diplexed onto the return feed & then distributed to additional points within the house via Global TV/FM diplex wallplates.

Each outlet point is able to receive normal terrestrial TV, FM, DAB, CCTV & the selected Satellite channel. The LoftBox fully supports the Infra Red control signals from the TV Link Remote Eye back to the Sky DigiBox, so if you have TVLinks installed in the distant rooms, they can control the Sky box.

Many people will have two Sky boxes. Normally a standard Sky Box and a Sky+ box. The FAQ is how do you distribute BOTH boxes through the Loftbox. In this scenario you will additionally require the SUPER PLUS COMBINER in addition to the items mentioned on this page.

The second most requested FAQ is how to use a Sky+ box with a SkyHD box, without both boxes responding to the Sky+ remote. Note first of all, that the Loftbox distributes only the RF2 output around the home. NOT HDTV quality - you can still watch HD channels, but only in Standard Definition. To allow you to control each box separately in each room , then you will need 2 Sky+/SkyHD remotes (1 of each, or 2 the same), and then also a SUPER PLUS COMBINER in addition to the items mentioned on this page

Note that if you also wish to control other devices (like your VCR player, or DVD player), then you will need the TVLink and the TVLink Plus.

If you wish to put your DVD players output into the loftbox then you will need to take a Composite Video output, and feed it into a modulator, which is then 'Y'ed with the aerial input on the Sky box.

We suggest only using good quality coax cable to feed the Loftbox. We sell CT100 and CT125, which you can view using the Web Links to the right. Don't use the normal brown rubbish that is sold in most shops. It is very loss'y.

When you install the loftbox, it is important to remember that the actual input signal for the outputs is the UHF2 socket. To get outputs from ports 1-4/8 you must loop-back (via your Sky box's UHF2 or VCR - whichever is appropriate) to the UHF2 input on the loftbox. If you wish to distribute just TV aerial signals then you should attach the aerial to the Aerial input via a 'Y' splitter, which is also connected to the UHF2 input (so the aerial is connected to BOTH the aerial input and the UHF2 input).

Connections to Loft Box are made with F connectors.

If you wish to have more than 8 outputs, then it is possible to link 2 Loftboxes together. To do this you will need an AmpAdder.

Note for installation you will additionally need or may consider buying:

* If attaching a CCTV camera, you will require the camera to be modulated.

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  • Loftbox Expander - for use with Sky+
  • Sky Digital Remote Control
  • Sky+ Digital Remote Control
  • TV Link
  • TV Link Plus
  • Super Plus Combiner
  • High quality coax cable and coax plugs
  • Crimp tool for CT125 coax
  • RF interconnection leads
  • RF plug adaptors

    In the lounge you use ONE of these - choose which is best.
    These are specifically for the lounge end, and will NOT WORK if installed in the distant viewing rooms (like the bedroom).

    (from the Loftbox) Gives Sky dish feed, TV aerial, FM aerial, and Sat2 and/or Return (If used with Sky+/SkyHD requires Loftbox Expander P/N 11068 and a DIP1 P/N 10663 to combine the second dish feed with the Lounge Return signal)

    Input 1 on (Left) is from the dish/Loftbox
    Input 2 on (Right) is the Return Feed/Dish 2

    Gives same outputs as the 12171, plus 1 x BT phone socket
    (If used with Sky+/SkyHD requires Loftbox Expander P/N 11068 and a DIP1 P/N 10663 to combine the second dish feed with the Lounge Return signal))
    (There is a space to add a 10937 RJ45 outlet, if needed)

    The complete solution if you have Sky+/SkyHD and have run one Dish feed direct to the lounge and the other via the Loftbox
    Faceplate has:
    • TV out
    • FM/DAB out
    • Sat 1
    • Sat 2
    • Lounge Return
    • BT
    Rear connections are:
    • Sat 1 = Triplexed/Combined Aerial, FM Aerial, and Dish 1 From Loftbox
    • Sat 2 = Dish 2 direct from the dish
    • Lounge Out = RF2 Output from the Sky box, to the Loftbox
    • BT = A BT phone input

    10568 - Click for larger image.
    (from the Loftbox) Gives Sky dish feed, TV aerial, and FM aerial (there is NO "Lounge Return" socket (to the Loftbox), so that would have to be wired separately)

    Coax is wired to the righthand socket
    In the other rooms (ie bedrooms) you use these. TV/Sky is fed from one output, and FM from the other (assuming you have an FM aerial)

    10569 - Click for larger image

    Coax is wired to the righthand socket

    Please note that the Loftbox is designed for use in the UK. It will NOT operate in Europe or Southern Ireland because in these countries TV is also transmitted on VHF. If you are located in one of these countries then you may instead use either a IRS Loftbox or Distribution Amplifier

    Part No Description Stock Availability at 15:14 May, 09 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    10874 Global Comms 8 Way Professional Loft Box Discontinued.    
    10873 Global Comms 4 Way Professional Loft Box Discontinued.  
    12757 SPARE Power Supply for Loftbox Discontinued. £ 12.60
    12171 WPTV-FM-SAT-SAT2/UK Global Comms Single Gang TV/FM, SAT1, SAT2/Return Faceplat Stock = 2 £ 2.00
    10875 Global Comms - MSWP Integrated Outlet Plate (TV, FM, Sat, Return, & 1 x BT) Stock = 2 £ 2.00
    10568 Global Comms - Triplex Wallplate (TV, Satellite & FM) Stock = 4 £ 1.00
    12012 Triax 304114 Integrated Outlet Plate (TV, FM, Sat1, Sat2, Return, & 1 x BT) Discontinued. £ 17.40
    10569 Global Comms - TV/FM Walloutlet (TV inc Sky & FM for add'l rooms) Discontinued.  
    10937 70402RE RJ45 Insert for 10875 Integrated Output Plate Discontinued.  
    10052 PL09860 Single Gang 35mm-Deep Metal Back Box (Plaster In-Wall) Discontinued. £ 1.80
    10053 Double Gang 35mm Deep Metal Back Box (Plaster In-Wall) Discontinued. £ 1.80
    10593 UK Surface Mounted Wall Box, 2 Gang, Clipsal ET238 Discontinued. £ 2.89
    12740 Variable Attenuator (For Attenuating TV Aerial Signals) Stock = 1 £ 3.50


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