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"TV Link" Infra-Red Extension for Sky Digital

  • Compatible with Sky, Sky+ and SkyHD
  • Allows control of your digibox from another, already cabled, room
  • Allows you to place the Sky box out of sight (in a cupboard, etc) and still control it
  • Plug and play, installs in seconds
The Global "TV Link" system is the easy way to control the Sky digital satellite receiver (Digi-box) from the bedroom or any other room that is already cabled.

TV Link uses the extended remote control feature within the digital receiver to control the digital receiver from a different room. The digital receiver is normally located in the lounge, but with the system, the picture may be viewed and controlled in another room.

Remote Eye

This is the heart of the system and it sits on top of the TV in your bedroom or other remote viewing point. It sends the remote control signals from the bedroom to the digital receiver in the living room, along the same cable used by the TV pictures.

Another use for the TVLink is when you wish to hide the Sky box in a cupboard or another room, out of sight. Generally you will be viewing the Sky picture using RGB quality (or in the case of SkyHD with Component or HDMI). You merely need to run a small length of coax (for a short length, you may use P/N 11544 from here) from the Male RF2 Output on the Sky box, and attach the cable to the Female input of the TVLink, and then strategally site the Remote Eye in the viewing room (the Male side of the TVLink is not used for anything)

Important note. The TV Link is only for use with Sky Digital. It Will NOT work with cable boxes.

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Setting Up Your Sky Box For Use With The TV Link

To set the TV Link up, it should be installed in the RF2 Out socket of your Digibox. You then need to tell the Digibox to output power to the TV Link. To do this, do, Services, 4, 0, 1, Select, 4 (For SkyHD with new EPG you instead do Services, 0, 0, 1, Select) (Look at the remote when you do this. Not the screen). Then move down to where it says RF Power, and press the Right Arrow, so that it changes to "On". Then move down to "Save Settings" and press Select. You must then turn the digi-box off at the mains and then on again. Finally let the unit "settle" for about 15-20 minutes, and it should work perfectly.

Note that we have never had a faulty TV Link. If you find the light on the TVLink is not on, then possibly you have an incompatible TV distribution amplifier in your loft or bad cabling somewhere inbetween. To check this, try plugging the TVLink directly into the RF2 output of the Sky box. If it then works, then you know that the problem lays with either your cabling or an amplifier (We sell compatible amplifiers here and here). If you are still having trouble then please ensure you have followed the instructions above, and then please e-mail us.
Screen Shots from Sky / Sky+ / SkyHD with old EPG
Press Services
Press 4
Press 0, 1, Select
Yes - this option is
NOT on screen it is
You now see the
Installer Menu
Move down to RF Power
Change to On
Save It (Press Select)
Then Back Up to Exit
Screen Shots from SkyHD with new EPG
Press Services
Press 0
Press 0, 1, Select
Yes - this option is
NOT on screen it is
You now see the
Installer Menu
Move across to RF Out, then change Power to On, and then Save

Do you have a splitter or distribution amplifier installed?

Many houses have an amplifier installed that distributes TV around the house. Unfortunately many of these amps are not TVLink compatible, because they do not allow the DC power through. To get over this Global Communications make a By-Pass Kit, when is inserted before and after the amplifier. This allows the DC power for the TVLink to by-pass the amplifier and get to the TVLink in the distant room. Note that if you wish to use multiple TVLinks (ie you want to control the Sky box from multiple rooms, and you have a non compatible amplifier), then we highly suggest upgrading the amplifier instead to one of the ones we sell here and here which are TVLink compatible.

Click on diagram to enlarge

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    Q: What components do I need to site my Sky box in a cupboard and still allow control from outside?
    A: If you have a normal TV, you need:
    • 1 x 11520 TVLink (on this page)
    • 1 x 11544 F -> M UHF Cable
    If you have a Plasma or LCD TV, you need:
    • 1 x 12517 ME200 Magic Eye
    • 1 x 11544 F -> M UHF Cable
    Q: What if I also want to control some other devices, like a DVD player in the same cupboard?
    A: Then you need the above products, plus
    Q: I have a distribution amp and have installed the TVLinks. The picture is great, and the TVLink lights are on, I have turned RF2 power on, but I cannot control the Sky box. Why?
    A: Just because the Sky signal and power goes one-way, does not mean the infra-red signal can work backwards. You need to check your cable is not kinked, broken, badly fitted plugs, or has the braid touching the inner, and/or distribution amp is compatible. Diplexers in-line should be removed (as a test)

    Q: I have it plugged into RF 2, but I can't find the option on my sky box to turn on the RF signal - I don't have a Services, 4,0. After Services, 4 I only have options 1-8 and I can't find the RF option anywhere
    A. You are looking at the TV aren't you. The menu is not displayed on the TV. Don't look at the TV, look at the remote. Press Services, 4, 0, 1 Select and the menu will appear

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    11528 Global Comms By-Pass Kit (Routes TVLink Around Non Compatible Loft Amplifiers) Stock = 2 £ 7.20


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