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Philips SBC RU970 Pronto Pro Intelligent Remote Control with Colour LCD Touchscreen Display

  • Full-colour touch screen LCD with near-photo realism
  • Unique and fully customizable to your individual wishes
  • Built-in database and self learning capability covers all equipment brands*
  • Extended 8Mb memory and unlimited macro functionality
  • Intuitive user interface for controlling your total home enviroment
  • Software upgradeable, and internet community support
  • IR and RF transmission - with optional RF receivers for total home control
Full-colour touchscreen display
The ProntoPro, with its large 256-colour LCD touch-screen brings near photo-quality images to interacting with your home entertianing enviroment. Add images of users and full-colour channel logos to the intuitive user interface.

Pick it up and the buttons light up!
Pick up your ProntoPro and the screen lights up straight away - even before you press it! Tilt sensor backlighting adds extra convienience to viewing in the dark.

Intelligent remote control
You can customise the user interface to meet your own specific wishes and personal requirements - and all those other users in your home. Add new buttons, redesign the layout, and enhance the colours. It's as individual as you are.

Self-learning and a built-in database
With the biggest database of control codes ever built-in to a universal remote, the ProntoPro can control any other IR remote controlled product - regardless of brand. It also includes a powerful self-learning capability to ensure absolute compatibility with every IR remote control on the market. *Please note however, that the ProntoPro is NOT compatible with UK Digital CABLE boxes. To allow it to control Digital Cable you should buy the Red-Eye as well, which will translate the infra-red codes that the RU970 can send, into IrDA infra-red for the cable box.

Extended 8Mb memory and macro function
The extended 8Mb memory depth easily holds your graphic, custom configurations and macros. The unlimited macro facility allows you to combine as many commands or key-strokes as you like under a single button. Imagine, just one touch of the colour screen to close the curtains, dim the lights, start the TV, and play the DVD! Home cinema as it should be!

Intuitive user interface
You control your complete electronic enviroment - from home entertainment products to any other equipment using IR remote control from the direct-access touch-screen and hardware buttons. It is supplied with a logically configured standard interface and you can modify it or create your own graphics, icons and menus. ProntoPro's intuitive controls are extremely user friendly.

Software upgradeable
With ProntoProEdit software, which is supplied on CD-ROM and freely available on the internet, you can create configurations, and download graphics, templates, and macros.

IR and RF transmission
ProntoPro works with all IR based remote control links. The optional RF receivers can be used to use ProntoPro to control audio/video equipment and accessories anywhere in your home - even through walls. It's an intelligent RF link too, filtering out signals from other wireless devices working at similar frequencies.

Docking Station
The recharge docking station keeps your ProntoPro ready for use at all times. ProntoPro can also be used while docked, and can be connected to a PC via the docking station.

LI900 Optional RF Base
The LI900 is a Signal Extender that works only with the ProntoPro and RU950. The communication between the LI900 and the ProntoPro is done via 'coded' radio frequency, eliminating interference. Through the LI900 the ProntoPro can operate equipment all around your home, not hindered by walls.

Just a few of the things Possible on the ProntoPro...

IMPORTANT NOTE only for UK Digital Cable viewers: Some cable boxes use non industry standard infra-red signals called IrDa. Learning remotes cannot send these signals. Please refer to the following compatibility chart.

Cable Box Model Learning Remote Compatible
DI1000 No (see Red-Eye below)
DI1200 No (see Red-Eye below)
DI4000N Yes - but with limited range. Better to use RedEye
DI4001NC Yes
DI4010 Yes - but with limited range. Better to use RedEye

Sky-Digital, Freeview, and analogue viewers are NOT affected by this problem, and this remote will learn these products (and just about any other product) 100% okay.

11220 Red-Eye infra-red translator
To use the learning remote with digital cable, then you simply additionally need the Red-Eye infra-red translator. This brilliant little device sticks to the front of your Pace 1000, or 2000 series set top box, and plugs into the rear socket of the cable box for power. It translates RC6 infra-red codes, into IRDA codes, thereby allowing your learning remote to control the cable box.


Technical Data

Direct access buttons

Channel up/down
Page up/down
Volume up/down
2 free programmable buttons
Backlight button
Send/learning IR eyes


Built-in IR codes for 549 brands
IR operating distance up to 33 ft (10 m)
IR operating angle +/- 30 degrees (@16ft or 5 m)
IR learning frequencies up to 56 kHz and 455 kHz
Automatic power mgmt: auto power up/down
Battery type: rechargeable AAA battery pack (included)


Display type: FSTN
Dynamic LCD input: finger or capped pen
Resolution: 320 x 240, 0.24 mm pitch
Position: portrait
Number of colors: 256
Dimensions: 3 x 2.3 inches (77 x 58 mm)


Operating temperature: 40 degrees f - 113 degrees f (5 degrees c - 45 degrees c)
Storage temperature -13 degrees f - 158 degrees f (-25 degrees c - 70 degrees c)


SRAM: 512 KB
Flash: 8 MB


Backlight luminance: output f45 cd/m2
Audio: Piezo with adjustable volume
Processor: Motorola DragonBall MC68328
PC link: RS232 serial port
Weight: 8.8 oz or 250 g (with batteries)
Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.7 x 1.3 inches (141 x 94 x 32 mm) (length x width x height)


1-way communication to control devices that are out of sight (requires LI900
RF extender or TM13U (or IR7243W) X10 RF Receivers, depending on what you
would like to control) - TM13U or IR7243W requires use of CodeGen
Multi room
Addressable up to 16 different LI900 RF extenders
Operating frequency: 433 MHz
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