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Use this handy RF keyfob in conjunction with a TM13U transceiver and control up to four X10 devices (the unit defaults to addresses A1-A4, but these can be easily changed, the KR22 always controls 4 consecutive addresses, ie: H4, H5, H6, and H7). Gives On/Off and Dim control (To activate dim/bright, first press the relevant On button and then press either the dim or brighten button).

We have tested the practical RF operating range (the distance between the KR22 and a TM13) and it is approximately 25 feet, however your own circumstances (the number of walls the radio signal must travel through) may mean the range is shorter or longer.

When used with a CM15 or intelligent house controller like HomeVision, can be used to activate macros, that will start/stop operation of any number of devices!

The units we have are new but we have had them a long time, so the batteries included need replacing. Therefore sold as batteries NOT included

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Part No Description Stock Availability at 10:03 Apr, 11 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10615 KR22E Credit Card X10 RF Keyfob DRC Stock = 20 £ 10.00
10733 Duracell CR2016 TWO PACK 3V Battery (For KR19/KR21/KR22) Stock = 1 £ 3.00
11024 TM13U SINGLE HOUSE CODE X10 RF Receiver and X10 Transmitter, 5A App Module Discontinued.  


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