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SensorSwitch - Proximity light switch

The Sensor Switch, is the quick and easy way to replace your existing single rocker type light switch with a "touch" switch. You can make the no-fuss replacement in about 2 minutes, and the only tool you should need is a small screwdriver!

More than a touch switch

There are other touch switches on the market, but the Sensor Switch is more than just a touch device - it works on proximity; this means that when a hand or any other part of your body comes within approx. 30mm of the face plate the lights will switch.

Blend it in!

Because the Sensor Switch has a blank face-plate it can be painted to match your decor! And if you are feeling adventurous the whole switch box could be sunk into the wall so the face-plate becomes flush to the wall surface and then could be papered over!

Cover it up!

Due to the proximity switching method of use, it is also possible to have a thin (< 4mm) non-metallic surface placed over the Sensor Switch's face-plate - a ceramic bathroom tile perhaps? - It will then project its sensing field through this surface. This could be also useful for food and medical areas which need constant cleaning. Outside lights could be switched on through a pane of glass! Just place your Sensor Switch facing the window pane in the garage for example! See how easy it is to make your own Sensor Switch!

Protect it!

In vandal-prone areas such as public buildings, the Sensor Switch can be placed directly behind a metal plate. This plate will then act as the sensor plate.

Requires only 240V Live and Load-Out connection. A Neutral is not required to power the switch

To protect the delicate electronics inside the dimmer/switch it is crucial that an external in-line fuse of 2 amps fast blow is fitted. This will protect the unit if the bulb blows. Without the fuse a bulb blowing may damage the Triac used in the dimmer/switch (the supplier can test if that damage has occured, and will not cover them under warranty).

Maximum load = 300 watts
Not suitable for two-way switching applications
Not suitable for use with Electronic Transformers (generally found with LV halogens)
Not suitable for use with Low Energy Bulbs/CFLs etc

Okay for use with toroidal transformers


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