Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

IR7243W Infra-Red -> X10 Converter

  • Infra-Red -> X10 Gateway
  • X10 RF -> X10 Gateway
  • Makes your remote control, control X10 devices !
  • Control 16 Addresses on 1 House Code using Infra-Red
  • Control 256 Addresses using X10 RF - when set to House Code P
  • Manual on/off/dim/bright control of 1-4, and 5-8 Address on a single house code
The keypad on top of the console provides ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT, ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL UNITS OFF, OFF manual control of up to 8 X10 devices.

The unit can get interference from flourescent lights and/or "energy saving" lights and therefore should not be placed in a room where these are used.

Supplied with UK 240V 3 pin plug fitted


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10863 IR7243W Infra-Red and RF -> X10 Converter Converter (Black Case) (LA Branded) Discontinued.    


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