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JS Technology RGB -> Component (YUV) Converter

  • Designed to be the best RGB to Component video converter for Projectors and Plasma Screens.
  • Compatible with RGB from any source, such as DVD player, Sky Digibox, Freeview, Digital Cable or any other domestic RGB source.
  • Output of high quality Component (YUV) Video. YUV is also known as Y, Pr, Pb and Y, Cr, Cb.
  • Broadcast quality synchronisation extraction using Plasma VGA technology, with 50% Sync Splicing, and a 3-Pole Input filter.
  • Unique Computer enhancement for compatibility with copy protected sources.
  • Switch video sources via an A/V amplifier that supports Component (YUV) Video.
  • Convenient connections to existing equipment - SCART input, gold plated phono output. Fits with your individual cable requirements.
  • Audio is passed though without modification to ensure optimum audio quality.
  • Compact design with integrated power adapter - the best for reliable operation.
  • Input by SCART socket
  • Outputs by Phono sockets
Designed to simply be the best, the RGB to Component (YUV) converter allows for RGB to be converted for use with Plasma screen, Projectors, Rear Projections TVs, A/V amplifiers and video line-doublers. This offers a high quality video interface for domestic Audio Visual sources such as Sky Digital, Freeview, digital cable and DVD players.

Component (YUV) output. Greater flexibility with plasma screens, where certain zoom modes may not be available. Ideal for projectors that have component video inputs. Allows for the component video input of video processors to be fully utilised.

Take advantage of component video switching on modern A/V amplifiers. Ideal if you already have another component video source, use the A/V amplifier to control which source you're viewing.

Broadcast quality sync based upon the RGB to Plasma VGA unit's technology, superior to simplistic Sync Separators. Even in the presence of Macrovision copy protection, the RGB to Component Converter unit is able to keep true to the original source. Always stable, always with the correct line frequency.

Computer enhanced allowing for compatibility with Macrovision protected sources, such as DVD players, but still maintaining broadcast quality performance. Removing the extra synchronisation pulses Macrovision adds helps to ensure a stable picture.

Output is via a standard three Phono connectors. Audio is passed directly to the two phono outputs without modification to ensure optimum audio quality.

Measuring just 150x85x48mm with a high quality integrated power supply, the RGB to Component (YUV) converter is compact and easy to use.

Constructed with components from some of the world's leading manufacturers and utilising a high-quality fibreglass PCB, this level of quality and detail is rare. Designed and manufactured by J.S. Technology in the UK.

1.5m SCART -> SCART Leads

1.5m and 5m 3 x Phono -> 3 x BNC Leads

5m 3 x Phono -> 3 x Phono Leads

Economy 3m 3 x Phono -> 3 x Phono Leads


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    Part No Description Stock Availability at 10:42 Apr, 11 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    10895 RGB -> Component (YUV) Converter Discontinued.    
    10902 Thor SCART -> SCART Cable 1.5 Metre Discontinued.  
    10904 Thor 3 x Phono (M) -> 3 x BNC (M) 75 Ohm Cable 1.5m Discontinued.  
    10905 Thor 3 x Phono (M) -> 3 x BNC (M) 75 Ohm Cable 5m Discontinued.  
    10908 3 x Phono (M) -> 3 x Phono (M) 75 Ohm Cable 5m Discontinued.  
    10907 AV04575 3 x Phono (M) -> 3 x Phono (M) 75 Ohm Cable 3m Discontinued. £ 0.00


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