Friday, 22nd November 2019

Kramer Electronics VS-4x4YC CV/S-Video Vertical Interval Matrix Switcher

  • The perfect piece of hardware for multi-room, multi-source video and line-level audio distribution
  • Route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously
  • Supports either Composite Video or S Video
  • Supports stereo audio
The Kramer VS-4x4YC is a high performance 4x4 vertical interval matrix switch for composite and/or s-Video and stereo audio signals. It is a true matrix, allowing the user to route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously. Since the VS-4x4YC switches during the vertical interval, transitions are glitch-free when sources share a common reference sync. The VS-4x4YC provides composite video and S-Video connectors allowing it to be used for either format. Mixing formats is possible but composite video sources would typically need to be routed to composite video outputs and, likewise, S-Video sources must be routed to S-Video outputs.

It is very important to note that the VS-4x4YC does not perform any signal format conversion. Like most Kramer switchers, the VS-4x4YC can be controlled by front panel buttons or RS-232 serial commands. For applications requiring remote control via a Windows-based personal computer, K-Switch software is provided at no additional cost. It is easy to use, dependable, rugged, and fits in one vertical space of a standard 19" rack.

INPUTS: 4 Video, 1Vpp/75 Ohm Composite on BNCs, 4 YC - Y=1Vpp/75 Ohm, C=0.3Vpp/75 Ohm. 4 Audio Stereo 1Vpp/ 50k Ohm on RCAs.
OUTPUTS: 4 Video, 1Vpp/75 Ohm Composite on BNCs, 4 YC - Y=1Vpp/75 Ohm, C=0.3Vpp/75 Ohm. 4 Audio Stereo 1Vpp/100W on RCAs.

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