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TM13U Single House Code X10 RF Radio Receiver and X10 Appliance Module

  • X10 RF Receiver 433MHz
  • Built-in Appliance Module (Address 1), rated at 5amps
  • Status Response*
If you plan to use an RF transmitter like an SS13, an MS13, or a KR19 then you also need the TM13 which receives the radio waves (RF) and then transmits X10 down the mains line to an awaiting X10 receiver module, like an AM12, LM12, LW10 or AW10

*If you have an intelligent controller like a HomeVision or a CM12 + Homeseer software then you can poll the TM13 to see whether the built-in Appliance Module is on or off.

Important note: The TM13 is rated at 5amps MAXIMUM. Please ensure that the plug that is plugged into the module is fitted with a 5amp or lower fuse!! If you are using a plug-in lamp this is especially important, since when bulbs blow that draw considerably more than their stated wattage. If a 13amp fuse is fitted to the plug, and you have a fault, then the module will be blown, and won't be covered by warranty

Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb NOT OK
CFL bulb OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb OK
LED bulb OK

Technical Data
Supply voltage:        230 V +/-10% 50 Hz
Supply current:        0.04amp (module idle)
Making capacity:       2A (inductive load)
                       5A (resistive load)
Fuse Fitted:           5A
EMC emission:          According to EN 50081-1
EMC immunity:          According to EN 50082-1
Electrical safety:     According to EN 60950 and EN 60065
RF receiver frequency: 433.92MHz
Signal sensitivity:    15 mVpp min 50 mVpp max at 120 kHz
Input impedance:       >=180 ohms (L - N) at 120 kHz
Ambient temperature:   - 10 degrees C to + 50 degrees C (operation)
                       - 20 degrees C to + 70 degrees C (storage)
Dimensions:            52 x 120 x 41 mm (width x height x depth without plug)


Q. Can the TM13U be used to power Low Energy Bulbs?
A. Yes, but please see note above about the fuse you should fit into the plug, that is plugged INTO the TM13

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11024 TM13U SINGLE HOUSE CODE X10 RF Receiver and X10 Transmitter, 5A App Module Discontinued.    
12741 Spare 5 Amp Mains Fuse (Suitable for use in TM13/UK Mains Plug) Stock = 2 £ 1.80


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