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  • Suitable for dimming Incandescent Lamps (60W - 250W) and Dimmable Electronic Low Voltage Transformers (60W - 200W)
  • Two-Way X10 - Transmits the set dimmer level to other LWM1, LD11, and LW11 modules (when set to the same House and Unit Code)
  • Softstart, and Softdim
  • MemoryDim - remembers last dim level, and returns to that level the next time you turn it on

Note that Positive and Neutral are required for operation of this unit.

MicroModules require an X10 transmitter to set their internal address (they do not have Code wheels like the older modules). The cheapest CE Approved transmitter to do this is the MC10. Note that the CM12, when used with ActiveHome software, is not able to set a MicroModules address

Download user manual (pdf)

Incandescent bulb OK
LV Halogen OK depending on transformer
GU10 Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb NOT OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb NOT OK
Most LED bulbs NOT OK
Philips Master LED Mains GU10 bulb OK


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11025 LWM1/LIW25I/DAIX10 X10 MicroModule with Dimmer Discontinued.    


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