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Global Comms TV Amplifiers/Splitters

The T and F Series tvLINK compatible TV Booster Splitters are designed to amplify the TV signals in a poor signal area, as well as distributing the TV signals, including the Sky Digital channel around the home.

The T Series uses UK standard UHF TV sockets, whereas the F series uses better quality F connectors.

The T120 & T140 (2 Way & 4 Way) can either be powered by the Sky digibox or via a optional mains power supply. The T180 (8 Way) and T280 (16 way) can only be powered by the mains power supply which is supplied with the unit.

Each booster is designed to carry the return signal from the tvLINK back to the Sky digibox. This enables the viewer to watch and control from several locations.

We suggest only using good quality coax cable to feed the amplifier. We sell CT100 and CT125, which you can view using the Web Links below. Don't use the normal brown rubbish that is sold in most shops. It is very loss'y.

Where possible use F connections, rather than the usual UK UHF connections as F connections are less loss'y. They are a bit harder to fit, but the effort is worth it. Again, these are sold on the same page as the coax mentioned above

Technical Data
Frequency Range                   47-860MHz
Noise Figure                      3db
Isloation Between Outputs         25db
Input Return Loss                 8db
Click on diagram to enlarge

Click on diagram to enlarge

Click on diagram to enlarge

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    Part No Description Stock Availability at 10:54 Jan, 18 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    11097 Global Gomms T120 2 Way Amp/Splitter (UHF Connector) Discontinued.    
    11098 Global Gomms F120 2 Way Amp/Splitter (F Connector) Discontinued.  
    11099 Global Gomms T140 4 Way Amp/Splitter (UHF Connector) Discontinued.  
    11101 Global Gomms T180 8 Way Amp/Splitter (Includes AC Adaptor) (UHF) Discontinued.  
    12740 Variable Attenuator (For Attenuating TV Aerial Signals) Stock = 1 £ 3.50


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