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NEO Range, Metal/Grey Finish

The range of Neo wall switches from Clipsal Integrated Systems provides a completely new alternative to the standard look of electrical wall switches. The Neo switches form part of the Clipsal C-Bus Automation System and can be used to control electrical devices such as dimming and switching lighting. Neo is available in a classic combination grey and faux metal finish and is designed with architecturally inspired straight edges with a gentle curved front to the face. The large, flat, tactile control buttons on the Neo switches have been designed to blend into the fascia. Each button has a small built-in window with a choice of a cool blue or orange LED available behind each window. The LEDs can be set up in combinations to suit the users and indicate the status of controlled devices.

Cool blue LEDs are hidden above and below the switch buttons to provide the option of a nightlight function, allowing the switches to be easily located in darkness. Neo switches have the ability to be controlled remotely via an infra-red hand held remote unit. The infra-red receiving windows on the switch have also been subtlety hidden to enhance the clean look of the Neo switch. Neo switches are available in 2, 4 or 8 switch
  • Provides wall mounted manual control for the Clipsal C-Bus System.
  • Up to 8 keys per unit.
  • Individual keys are programmable as toggle switches, dimmers, timers or as custom functions.
  • Rocker style keys.
  • Includes LED status indicators built into individual keys, which indicate the state of the C-Bus output devices being controlled.
  • Dual colour key indicators with Orange and Blue LED options, fully selectable on individual keys as:- Blue ON, Orange OFF
    Orange ON, Blue OFF
    Orange ON, nothing OFF
    Blue ON, nothing OFF
    Orange ON all the time
    Blue ON all the time
    Orange and Blue always OFF
  • Incorporates Scene Control functions.
  • Blue nightlight, with 'ignore first key press' option when nightlight is on.
  • Fall back level option to dim indicators at a set time after the last key press.
  • IR operation as standard using C-Bus IR codes (5034TX, 5034TX12, 5038TX) on all units.
  • 8 key IR remote available, orderable separately (Part No. 5038TX).
  • Incorporates C-Bus2 Learn Mode Features.
  • Programmable via Learn Mode or via a PC connected to the system via a C-Bus PC Interface (Part No. 5500PC).
  • Keys can be customised to achieve dual functions from a single key.
  • Up to 100 units can be connected to a single C-Bus Network.
  • Wall box available (orderable separately).
  • Bracket for plasterboard mounting available (orderable separately).
  • 22mA current consumption from C-Bus.
  • Combination head screws on terminal block for C-Bus connection.
  • Up to 4 pairs of Category 5 conductors in each terminal.
  • 2, 4 or 8 keys per unit.


Part No Description Stock Availability at 12:49 Dec, 08 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
11122 C-Bus NEO E5052NLGB 2 Gang, Metal/Grey Finish Discontinued.    
12059 C-Bus NEO E5052NL 2 Gang, White Finish Discontinued.  
11123 C-Bus NEO E5054NLGB 4 Gang, Metal/Grey Finish Discontinued.  
12060 C-Bus NEO E5054NL 4 Gang, White Finish Discontinued.  
11124 C-Bus NEO E5058NLGB 8 Gang, Metal/Grey Finish Discontinued.  
12061 C-Bus NEO E5058NL 8 Gang, White Finish Discontinued.  
11125 C-Bus NEO 5052NRIGB Rocker Switch with Indicator Window (Pack of 10) Discontinued. £ 0.00
11126 C-Bus NEO 5038TX Remote Control 8 Keys Discontinued. £ 0.00


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