Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

Xantech RAT1 Auto Transformer

The RAT1 is an infrared remote controlled stereo speaker volume control with impedance matching capability. Now you can control from one to 16 pair of stereo speakers from one stereo power amplifier, using an equal number of RAT1's. Control them with any Xantech IR receiver or keypad or with MIRV1 motorized volume controls. The RAT1 maintains correct impedance matching between the amplifier and the speakers with the use of instant setting 1X, 2X, 4X and 8X jumpers, located on the unit. This eliminates the need for separate impedance matching devices in multi-room installations.

  • 10-position, relay driven, stepped auto transformer design
  • Tri-Fi winding system for highest quality audio performance
  • Includes plug-in type screw terminals
  • Independent grounds between channels
  • Easily mounted "flat pack" design
  • Requires RC68+ IR commands or MIRV1 for operation


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11467 Xantech RAT1 IR Controlled Remote Auto Transfomer Stock = 1 £ 20.00
10572 12V DC Adaptor UK Plug 500Ma Regulated 2.1 Plug Center Pin Discontinued.  


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