Saturday, 12th June 2021

MC10 Mini Controller

Perfect for bedstands, telephone tables and any place were space is limited, this compact, value-priced mini controller lets you command up to 8 different X10-compatible receivers, including lamp and appliance modules, wall switches and universal modules.

You can also use it to send signals to intelligent 2-way controllers to activate preprogrammed events (macros). Simply plug the controller into any 220/240V wall outlet, set the house & unit codes and you're in business.

Four ON/OFF buttons give you control of up to four devices (Unit Codes 1-4). Flip a switch and the same buttons can control an additional four devices (Unit Codes 5-8).

You'll have full DIM/BRIGHT capabilities for all attached incandescent lights and ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL UNITS OFF for all receiver devices set to the same House Code. There's even a built-in LED that flashes to indicate when you're sending an X10 signal, so you'll know at a glance if your commands are being carried out.


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12007 X10 MC10 Mini Controller New Style Discontinued.    


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