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Connect these emitters up to 2 IR splitter blocks to allow separate zoned control of a single device, without allowing infra-red to invade the 2nd zone

The Xantech branded emitters, have infra-red output, and a visible blinking LED facing away from the equipment. This allows visible confirmation of infra-red commands being sent.

Normal installation is via IR splitter block, then each emitter is placed directly over your equipment's IR "eye". An IR receiver may also be added which will allow you to hide your equipment out of sight whilst still allowing infra-red control.

Example complete setup with IR Receiver, Splitter Block, PSU and emitters:

MS1 Mouse Shield Cover. Stops stray infra-red getting to device.
Only for use 283M, 286M Xantech emitters

12489 Black Wire "Dressing"
(Hides Emitter Wire nicely blending into component's case

12490 Silver Wire "Dressing"
(Hides Emitter Wire nicely blending into component's case

Part No Description Stock Availability at 15:18 May, 09 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
12139 Twin Plugged, Xantech 283M-TP Single Infra-Red Blink Emitter 2 Input Plugs Stock = 2 £ 10.20
12435 Xantech MS1 Mouse Shield Cover (ONLY For Use With Xantech Emitters) Discontinued.  
12489 Xantech Black Emitter Wire Dressing Stock = 9 £ 2.00
12490 Xantech Silver Emitter Wire Dressing Stock = 8 £ 2.00
11092 PSG00105 3m Infra-Red Emitter/Receiver Extension Lead Discontinued. £ 3.00
11093 PSG00106 5m Infra-Red Emitter/Receiver Extension Lead Discontinued. £ 4.20
11985 Adaptor 3.5mm F -> 2.5mm M Mono (Converts Emitter To Work With One For All) Discontinued. £ 2.40


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