Wednesday, 8th December 2021

Lutron Universal Rania IR Dimmers

Single Gang

Dual Gang

  • Remote control - to change the light level at any time, from anywhere in the room
  • Press and hold silver button to save light setting
  • Press silver button to recall preset light level
  • Compatible with most learning universal remote controls
  • Dims Incandescent/Mains Voltage Halogens and Low Voltage Halogens
  • Lights softly fade to on/off
  • LEDs indicate light level
  • Double-tap to full on
  • Dimmer memorises last level you chose
  • Dim your light from up to 10 locations (requires accessory dimmers)
  • Press, hold and release for gradual fade-to-off (up to 70 Sec.)




Satin Nikel

Bright Brass

Bright Chrome
  • Dimmer rating: Single 450 W/VA. Dual 2 x 250 W/VA
  • Remote control has a range of 10 meters (30 feet)
  • Includes two AAA batteries
  • Acoustically silent unit using no coil technology
  • Auto-reset thermal overload protection
  • Power-failure memory
  • Precise colour consistency

Note the remote control is NOT included with the dimmer

Part No Description Stock Availability at 01:16 Dec, 08 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
Add These To Allow Dimming From Another Location. Single Gang. No Infra-Red  
12316 Lutron Rania RDSU-452B-FAW-E Slave Dimmer Artic White Discontinued. £ 24.60
12321 Lutron Rania RDSU-452B-FBB-E Slave Dimmer Bright Brass Discontinued. £ 24.60
Add These To Allow Dimming From Another Location. Dual Gang. No Infra-Red  
12404 Lutron Rania RDDU-252B-FBC-E Slave Dimmer Dual Gang Bright Chrome Discontinued. £ 48.60
12405 Lutron Rania RDDU-252B-FBB-E Slave Dimmer Dual Gang Bright Brass Discontinued. £ 36.60
Now Add A Remote Control  
12322 Lutron Rania RIS-REMOTEB-AW-E Single Scene/Channel Remote Control Artic White Discontinued. £ 15.00


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