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The new Super Plus Combiner allows the RF output of upto four Digiboxes to be connected into a home distribution system and independantly controlled. The four Digiboxes can be any combination of the standard Sky Digibox, Sky+, or SkyHD or if required, all of the same type

The user simply allocates the remote control in each room to one of the four Digibox's connected to the system and thereafter the remote control will operate ONLY that digibox. It is now possible to locate all the digiboxes in one place but independantly control them from other locations within the home

The only constraint is that once a remote control has been programed to operate with one of the digiboxes connected to the system, it will NOT operate any of the other Digiboxes within the system

Revision 6 or higher Sky remote required (Check Inside battery door for your remote's Revision Level)

The Input Ports (From the Sky boxes) have UHF Female sockets on them. The TV Output (that goes to the viewing TV/Distribution Amp) has a UHF Male Plug

Note! The SPC4 design has changed, and they now come with F Sockets instead of UHF TV sockets. If you wish to use standard UHF TV plugs then you will need the correct quantity of P/N 12825 plug adaptors

Note the SPC+ is NOT compatible with the SkyEye Controller. If you are planning an install that includes control both locally and from a whole house distribution system, the SkyEye should be coupled with the Global tvLink+ instead, and the emitter from the tvLink+ should be pointed at the SkyEye to allow control from the distant rooms

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