Thursday, 28th October 2021

Dial-2-Open GSM-MICRO-LD Remote Gate Entry System

  • Open your gates or garage door (or any contact closure switch) remotely by mobile/standard phone (requires a pre-installed motorised gate/garage opener)
  • No more fumbling for the keyfob
  • Let visitors in remotely
  • Open your gate/garage for a courier
  • Security - System Caller-IDs you - so only works for you
  • No call charges!
Now you can open your Gates and Garage Doors using a Mobile Phone...

Let your Mobile Phone be your Universal Remote Control

Forget the conventional remote control, you can now open your Gates and Garage Doors with your Mobile Phone using the new 'Dial2Open System'

Just 'speed-dial' a secure telephone number which identifies you as an Authorised User and the Gates and Garage Door are opened

There are no call costs to use the 'Dial2Open System' as all incoming calls are rejected once authorised

No more hanging about for people to arrive as the 'Dial2Open System' will allow you to open your Gates or Doors from anywhere in the World

Compare the System Benefits
  • The new 'Dial2Open System' works from your car, or the office (basically anywhere that sends through the Caller ID)
  • No call costs to use the System
  • No carrying of separate remotes, replaces keyfobs and keypads
  • Stores up to 60 secure numbers
  • Compatible with all gates, barrier and garage installations
  • Operating Instructions & Warranty
Power for the unit is taken from the existing motor system. The Dial-2-Open can be powered from 12-24 volts and only draws about 60-70 milliamps

Note! The unit requires a SIM card to be inserted. This is NOT included and needs to be purchased separately - any pay-as-go SIM will be fine

Obviously you already need to have a motorised gate/garage opener installed

The unit needs to be attached to the "Contact Closure" input on your gates or garage door system - some electrical knowledge is required. Your gate or garage system MUST BE SWITCHED OFF DURING INSTALLATION TO AVOID POSSIBLE ELECTRICUTION - if in doubt get a trained electrician to perform the installation

If installed outdoors, the Dial-2-Open needs to be installed in a watertight box (generally it will fit inside the existing gate system's enclosure)

Please read the manual before purchasing so you understand how it works


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