Sunday, 11th April 2021

Xantech SMVID01 Video Sensor Module

Xantech has designed a network to control your A/V system using inputs from various sensors - power on/off, video or audio signal sensing, etc. This Video Sensor Module installs between a video source (DVD player, VCR, etc.) and a TV. When it senses that video signals are present, it sends a signal to the controller. Power is supplied by the Current Sensor Connecting Block

Part of a Versatile Control System

This Video Sensor is only one of a wide range of sensors to send signals to your programmable controller. Here's the complete list:
Simple Installation

Plug the sensor head in between the DVD player and the Video-In jack on the TV, then connect to your Current Sensor Connecting Block. Adjust the sensitivity & time delay controls and you're finished. The time delay adjusts how long the sensor remains "on" after it stops sensing a video signal

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