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The ZDW232 is a single dimming receiver which controls the connected load On/Off and Dim/Bright and also serves as a transmitter using multiple switch pushes/taps (Controls one group of 5 ZWave modules)
  • ZDW232 replaces an existing wall switch
  • ZDW232 can be programmed as a routing slave to establish firm signal routes and can be "associated" with other ZWave devices in order to control them
  • ZDW232 can be configured to control shades and window coverings via the ZWave network
  • The ZDW232 can be easily installed to directly or remotely control the on/off and dimming of any connected incandescent lighting or to control a motorised window shade or blind

    Three groups of up to 5 ZWave devices can be controlled from the ZDW232 with two or three quick taps on the switch, by configuring that function

    The ZTH200 remote control can transmit an "All Lights On" command to all ZWave lighting modules for security reasons and using it's "Timer" feature, it can switch the ZDW232 and other ZWave modules on and off at pre-selected times

    Requires a minimum 35mm deep back box for installation

    Installation Manual (pdf)

    Load 25w - 500w incandescent lights only
    Dims 82mm (W) x 82mm (L) x 48mm (D) (Back shell depth is 33.15mm)
    Frequency 868.42MHz European ZWave frequency

    Part No Description Stock Availability at 07:05 Nov, 22 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    12575 ZWave ZDW232 Wall Mount Dimmer, 240V, 500W, 2 Wire (NO NEUTRAL), 1 Rocker Discontinued.    


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