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  • IP colour surveillance camera with LAN connection
  • See and secure all those places where you cannot be: via your network or the Internet
  • Ideal for remote surveillance of e.g. your home, shop, waiting room or reception. Also suitable for remotely attending events you would otherwise have to miss, i.e. a newborn grandchild, a school production or an important product launch
  • Large surveillance area: the camera can be panned or tilted by remote control
  • No PC is required, due to the built-in web-server with its own IP address. The camera can be connected directly to the network or router/hub
  • For your eyes only: secure access by means of a personal password
  • Includes powerful IP View Pro software for direct recording and sending of images (max. 16 cameras)
  • Camera can be operated and viewed using all web browsers (that support Java and ActiveX), from anywhere in the world
  • Up to 64 users can view the images on the internet simultaneously,each with their own access rights
The IP camera is a colour surveillance camera with a built-in computer that has its own IP address. This allows you to connect the camera directly to a wired LAN network and to access it remotely using any PC, even via the internet. The Pan & Tilt function also makes it possible to panned or tilt the camera remotely, allowing you to view the area in which the camera has been positioned. The resolution and digital zoom can also be adjusted remotely. The software that comes with the camera offers further possibilities to save images onto the hard disk of your PC. The camera can be programmed so that it sends images periodically to your e-mail address. Using the software, the camera can also be programmed so that you receive an e-mail automatically when it detects movement

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