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  • RF Control of existing X10 lighting or Appliances
  • On/Off Control (unit also sends Dim commands, unofficially)
  • Attractive Design
  • Easy Installation
  • LED changes colour depending on command sent

At last a nice looking RF switch allowing easy setup of 2-way lighting or just another way to control an existing X10 setup

This switch is an RF battery operated switch, so will require an X10 RF Receiver (TM13, CM15, SC28X, DK10) to communicate with X10 PLC on the mains

Note the instructions included with the IMRF incorrectly state how to program the unit. To get the unit into programming mode, press and hold the button. The LED will flash continuously for about 30 seconds and then go out. Let go of the button. The LED will then turn orange for a moment, and will flash it's House Code (1 for A, 2 for B, etc). Then the LED will turn orange again. At this point press the button again, and the unit's LED will flash as the House Code is increased (up to P, 16 flashes). Let go of the button when you reach the required House Code. The LED will turn orange again, and then wil flash it's Unit Code. Then it turn orange again. At this point press the button again, and the unit's LED will flash as the Address is increased. Let go when you reach the required address. The LED will then flash 3 times in orange to say it has exited programming mode. To get the unit to go back to House Code A, you need to program it to P, then exit program mode, go back, and the unit will allow the LED to go from 16 flashes to 1 again. Same for Address.

Download Manual (pdf)


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