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Xantech 291-85DB Hidden Link Designer Black CFL Friendly Infra-Red Receiver

  • Designed to work with LCD displays and CFL lights - Place on shelf-top or cabinet near TV
  • Adjustable IR modulation frequency bandwidth within 30 - 60 kHz
  • Receives IR signal up to 40 feet
  • Compact package, 3 1/4" x 1" x 2" (83mm x 26mm x 51mm)
  • Talkback LED
The 291 series are small, shelf-top IR receivers with a multitude of applications. Use them as an inexpensive method of repeating IR commands when wall-mounting an IR receiver is not practical. As with all Xantech IR receivers, the 291 can tie into multiroom IR extension systems.

This version of the 291 has been specifically designed to have great immunity to many sources of infrared interference and to have exceptional IR reception range. In particular, it has high rejection of IR interference generated by compact fluorescent lights (CFL). In addition, the 291-85DB will operate in direct sunlight!

This infra-red receiver is wired to the included CB12 or to other IR Connecting Blocks. Then infra-red emitter(s) are plugged into the Block and attached to the equipment you want to control.

The 291-85DB is terminated in a 3.5mm plug for + / - / signal, and require a 9v or 12V REGULATED DC power source (Do NOT use unregulated adaptors). Power is applied via the Block.

You would normally use these products to control devices that are out of sight (in a cupboard for instance), for hardwiring infra-red distribution around the house, or for sending commands back to a home controller, like HomeVision.

Note. Includes CB12 Block. Does not include emitters or 12V power supply

  • Attractive case for shelf-top locations
  • Red talkback LED tests system for correct wiring as well as indicating infrared reception
  • Nominal reception angle: 45 degrees off axis
  • Attached 7' cable and 3.5 mm stereo mini plug permits direct plug-in to Xantech Connecting Blocks that have an "IR RCVR" or "AUX" jack, such as the CB12, CB20, CB60, 789-44, 791-44, etc
  • Cable requirements for long lengths: Three-conductor/24 gauge up to 200', 22 gauge up to 600', 20 gauge up to 2000' and 18 gauge up to 5000' (unshielded OK)
  • Maximum cable length: One mile with 18 gauge
  • Maximum current output: 100 milliamps
  • Power: 12 volts DC @ 10 milliamps
  • Includes a CB12 Connecting Block
  • Dimenions: 82.5mm x 25.4mm x 50.8mm


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