Sunday, 9th May 2021

Xantech 789-44D Designer 4 Way Infra-Red Connecting Block

Use infra-red splitters/blocks to expand your infra-red emitters, or to wire-in an infra-red receiver.

12800 Xantech 789-44D Connects 1 (or multiple) IR receiver to 4 IR outputs for use with plug-in emitters . Has screw-down terminals and 3.5mm socket for easy attachment of an infra-red receiver.

Download Manual (pdf).

Note: This unit requires a 12V DC Regulated power supply (See adaptor listed below). The splitters are NOT polarity protected. Centre pin MUST be +, and outer must be -, incorrect polarity will burn the unit out. We will only warranty these Blocks if you use the 12V Adaptor listed below.

If you wish to expand your Powermid XL, then you'll need a 3.5mm plug with some cable, to allow it to be attached to one of our splitters. P/N 10636 does just that!


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