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  • Resists interference from Plasma displays
  • Small size, only 2.75 inches deep and .75 inches in diameter (.9 with bezel)
  • Quick-connect 3.5mm stereo mini plug on 7ft. cable for direct plug-in to Xantech connecting blocks
You would normally use this products to control devices that are out of sight (in a cupboard for instance), for hardwiring infra-red distribution around the house, or for sending commands back to a home controller, like HomeVision.

This version of the 490 receiver is specially designed for use near plasma TV screens, and will reject interference from them.

The 490-95 is miniature IR receiver that features surface mount technology. The 490-95 has its electronics housed in a brass cylinder. The "business end" of the unit is a small round lens. This small receiver is designed to be placed in very tiny spaces. One example is a small corner of an equipment cabinet. A single, 19mm hole will accommodate the 490-95. The high sensitivity of this receiver gives you the ability to place the 490-95 further away from the hand held remote, increasing the placement options you have.

  • Infrared modulation frequency bandwidth: 30 - 100 kHz
  • Nominal reception range: > 50 feet
  • Nominal reception angle: 55 degrees off axis
  • Dimensions: 3/4" (19mm) diameter 2" (51mm) deep
  • Talkback LED for system tests

Note. Does NOT include emitters or 12V power supply. CB12 is Included


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