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Xantech DL95K (480-95DKIT) Plasma Friendly Designer Infra-Red Distribution Kit

  • Plasma TV, LED TV, LCD TV and CFL Lighting Friendly
  • Allows you to control up to 4 devices inside a cupboard
  • Compatible with most product's infra-red, including Sky, Sky+ and SkyHD, DVD players, and amps, etc
  • Expandable to allow control of up to 8 devices
  • includes 480-95D DinkyLink Receiver, 789-44D Connecting Block, 4 x 283D Single Emitters, and UK AC Adaptor
Many people these days like to house their AV equipment inside a cupboard so that it is out of the way. The problem is that you can't control these items as the infra-red remote control signals cannot get inside the cupboard! This is where the 480-95KIT comes in. You install the infra-red receiver outside the cabinet, and then run it's cable inside the cupboard and wire it into the 789-44 Connecting Block. You then plug in the supplied single infra-red emitters, and then stick those onto the infra-red receiver window of up to 4 pieces of equipment that you want to control. You can now control all the items inside your cupboard.

The Kit is supplied with all the items you need, and it is a simple plug and play operation.

Note that this kit is NOT suitable for controlling some models of Digital Cable box (see Compatibility Chart below). If you wish to control one of the non compatible cable boxes inside a cupboard then you would need to additionally buy a universal remote like this and also a RedEye. The universal remote sends Philips infra-red codes. They go through the Xantech equipment no problem. The Xantech emitter is then stuck onto the face of the RedEye, and the RedEye translates the Philips codes into IrDA infra-red that the cable box understands. The RedEye sticks onto the front of the cable box.

Compatibility Chart
Most Infra-red controlled equipment OK
(Doesn't use IR)
Freeview OK
Sky OK
Sky+ OK
Cable - Pace 1000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 2000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 4000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 4001 OK
Cable - Pace 4010 OK
Cable - Telewest PVR OK
Cable - Samsung (Silver) OK
Cable - Scientific Atlanta 4000DVB NOT OK
Cable - Scientific Atlanta 4200 NOT OK
Cable - Virgin+ OK
The Cable Boxes that are NOT OK, can be controlled if the RedEye is purchased as well

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