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  • Plug and Play installs in seconds
  • Allows on/off control
These plug-in modules will allow you to remotely control just about any plug-in mains device. They are great for table lamps, radios, washing machines. Even use one to turn your pond fountain on and off for you !

There's no re-wiring to do. Simply set the X10 address via an X10 transmitter, un-plug the device you want to control, plug it into the module, and plug the module into your mains socket. You instantly have X10 control of the device.

The Appliance Module is for higher rated lights and other household products like dish washers, kettles, etc. The Appliance Module can switch loads of up to 13 Amps.

Use in conjunction with an X10 transmitter like a IR7243 , CM12U , Mini Timer , MC10 , or SM10 . You can also use an RF based solution ( HR10 , MS13 , KR22 , or SS13 ) as long as you also have a TM13 RF Receiver module.


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12845 ebode RPA X10 Appliance Module Discontinued.    


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