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  • Dual Appliance Switch - On/Off Only
  • Neutral Connection REQUIRED
  • 2 x 800w maximum combined draw
  • Suitable for use with fluorescent, and energy saving bulbs
  • Electronically programmable to respond to All Lights On/All Units Off
  • Electronically set X10 address
Connections are rear: Live, Neutral, Appliance1, Appliance2

Back Dimensions: 43.25W x 47H x 18.9D

To program the unit:
Press Top (Appliance turns on), and then Bottom THREE times (Appliance turns off). On the THIRD press hold the button until the light turns on again
Release the button
Send an X10 OFF command equalling the address you want the module to be
Repeat for the other button
Each switch can be on any House Code/Unit Code

Please note this fitting should be fitted into a plastic back box, or if using a metal back box you must ensure that the rear of the switch does not touch the back box otherwise the switch will not operate properly

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