Sunday, 9th May 2021

High quality brass or stainless steel push button switches

10070 - Brass
10325 - Stainless Steel

10071 - Brass
10326 - Stainless Steel

10072 - Brass
10327 - Stainless Steel

  • Momentary action - Perfect for use with AD10/LD10 X10 modules
  • Elegent design
  • Nice feedback "click" when you push the buttons
These switches can be used to turn on/off AD10 DIN modules, and on/off/dim LD10 DIN modules.

These switches do not transmit X10 onto the power line. If used to control DIN modules, they must be wired back to the module they are controlling.

The switches are momentary action, ie they are only on whilst you press them (just like a doordell's switch). This makes them perfect for use with X10 DIN modules.

They are available in either single, double, triple, or quad switch configuration, and require a deep wall box

The above example shows the switch controlling an AD10/LD11 which in turn is controlling a light. The above arrangement means the push switch can turn the light on/off and X10 can be transmitted to the AD10/LD11 to control it also. When used with a LD10, the push switch will turn the module on or off with a single momentary push, or if pushed in and held the module will cycle through: dim, off, bright.


Part No Description Stock Availability at 13:41 May, 09 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10070 Brass, Single Gang 1 Momentary Push Switch Discontinued.    
10071 Brass, Single Gang 2 Momentary Push Switches Discontinued.  
10072 Brass, Double Gang 3 Momentary Push Switches Stock = 1 £ 48.00
10073 Brass, Double Gang 4 Momentary Push Switches Discontinued.  
10325 Stainless Steel, Single Gang 1 Momentary Push Discontinued. £ 51.00
10326 Stainless Steel, Single Gang 2 Momentary Push Discontinued. £ 82.20
10327 Stainless Steel, Double Gang 3 Momentary Push Stock = 1 £ 91.80
10328 Stainless Steel, Double Gang 4 Momentary Push Discontinued. £ 168.60
10052 PL09860 Single Gang 35mm-Deep Metal Back Box (Plaster In-Wall) Discontinued.  
10053 Double Gang 35mm Deep Metal Back Box (Plaster In-Wall) Discontinued.  


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