Tuesday, 27th July 2021

HomeVoice™ Release 2.1

The HomeVoice™ software product provides an innovative advancement in real-time voice control for home automation. HomeVoice™ allows true open-air voice control of common home automation products for X-10, Infrared and more. HomeVoice™ supports most of the popular home automation controllers (HomeVision, and CM12U) and is capable of interfacing with additional systems using ASCII commands through a controller’s RS-232 port.

New Release Features Enhanced User Interface, Expanded Documentation and Updated Voice Recognition Engine !

Applied Future Technologies, Inc. introduces the second version of our powerful real-time, open-air voice control software, HomeVoice™ Release 2.1. This update builds on the reliable capabilities of the original version of HomeVoice™ and provides significant user interface enhancements, expanded documentation, installation improvements, and an update to the proven voice recognition engine.

HomeVoice™ is designed to provide the ultimate method for controlling a home automation system - your voice! Freeing you from remotes, touchpads, telephone interfaces, and/or close proximity microphones, HomeVoice™ allows you to say user-defined commands in a normal speaking voice to voice command your home automation equipment. The HomeVoice™ voice recognition capability is superior to other voice products in its ability to successfully operate in the noisy environment of the average home. In addition, HomeVoice™ provides an optional response after issuing a voice command. This response may be a voice synthesized user-defined text phrase or a short .wav sound file. With HomeVoice™, you can voice control lights, TVs, VCRs, stereos, sprinkler systems, HVAC, phones, home theaters and more.

In addition to voice controlling the home environment, HomeVoice™ has potential application in commercial or business settings. HomeVoice™ offers significant assistive technology capabilities to improve the independence and the quality-of-life of many disabled users.

HomeVoice™ System Requirements:

  • 75 MHz Pentium CPU or better
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 165 MB hard drive space
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound card
  • Windows ’95

Supported Home Automation Controllers:

  • HomeVision from Custom Solutions, Inc.
  • HomeISA™ from Applied Future Technologies, Inc.
  • Stargate, Time Commander, Time Commander Plus, and IR Xpander from JDS Technologies, Inc.
  • CM12U from X-10 Inc.
  • HomeBase from Home Controls, Inc.
  • PROXi from Madenta Communications, Inc.
  • Other automation controllers capable of receiving ASCII commands through the controller’s serial port

Important info for HomeVision users:

  • Homevoice can be used for voice feedback. Simply send a Serial command from HomeVision something like this "speak movement at front of house" etc. HomeVoice will then speak your phrase via the PC's sound card. The sound card's output could be wired to an amplifier and then onto speakers around the house, so that the voice announcements can be heard everywhere.
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  • Click here to download a demo version (8.1Mb)

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    10011 --- Discontinued --- HomeVoice Voice Recognition Software (CD ROM) Ver 2.1 Discontinued.  


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