Thursday, 28th October 2021
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FREE Saver Delivery on UK Retail Orders over £30.00!!

Money Back Coupon Info and Terms
MoneyBack coupons are valid for a period of 180 days from the date of issue, and are only appliable against further purchases at this site.

The maximum you claim against your next order is the amount of the Coupon, or the next order's value, excluding delivery - whichever is the lesser. So for example:
  • if your Coupon is for £10.00 and your next order is for only £5.00, then the Coupon will total £5.00. Delivery would then be payable on top.
  • if your Coupon is for £10.00 and your next order is for £30.00, then the Coupon will total £10.00, so you would pay £20.00 plus the delivery charge.
  • If you return an item for credit, then your MoneyBack Coupon will be reduced in accordance with the credit we issue - if the credit is less than, or equal to £200.00 then we will reduce your Coupon by 1% of the credit, or for credits over £200.00 by 2% of the credit.

    Coupons are not transferable between customers, or accounts, and can only be used by the same account that they were issued to.

    To reclaim your MoneyBack Coupon please simply come back to the site, place items in your Basket, then on Check Out ensure you Login using your previous order's account details (e-mail address and password). When you reach the payment page, your MoneyBack Credit will appear in your Basket.

    It is not possible to Check Out with only a MoneyBack Coupon in your Basket. If you delete items from your Basket, leaving only the Coupon, then the system will delete the Coupon from the Basket as well.

    Coupons can only be used when you purchase items from us, and have no cash value otherwise.

    If a Coupon is not used within 180 days of issue, then it will automatically expire and can then not be used. It is not possible to extend the length of time a Coupon is valid for.

    If you have any questions, or queries about MoneyBack Coupons, please contact mikeh @
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    AW12 X10 MicroModule Appliance Module ...

    CM12U HA Controller (NO Software Supplied - Pse Download) (RS232 & USB) ...

    HD Version - SkyEye Multi HD - Sky IR Translator (For Sky/Sky+/SkyHD) ...

    SPARE AW10 Rocker Switch Cover ...

    TVL+ Global Comms - "TV Link Plus" ...

    Twin Plugged, Xantech 283M-TP Single Infra-Red Blink Emitter 2 Input Plugs ...

    Aeon Labs DSC13104-ZWEU ZWave Lamp Micro Module (UK) ...

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