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  • Plug and Play installs in seconds
  • Allows on/off and dim/bright control
These plug-in modules will allow you to remotely control plug-in table lamps, and other plug-in type lights.

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There's no re-wiring to do. Simply set the X10 address, un-plug the lamp, plug the lamp into the module, and plug the module into your mains socket. You instantly have X10 control of the device.

The Lamp Module has a minimum rating of 60W, and a maximum rating of 300W. The Lamp Module is dimmable, and should only ever be used to control incandescent, or 12 V halogen lamps.

Use in conjunction with an X10 transmitter like a IR7243 , CM12U , Mini Timer , MC10 , or SM10 . You can also use an RF based solution ( HR10 , MS13 , KR22 , or SS13 ) as long as you also have a TM13 RF Receiver module.

Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb NOT OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb NOT OK
Halogen Energy Saving (Incandescent look-a-like) bulb NOT OK

Technical Data
Supply voltage:      230 V +/-10% 50 Hz
Supply current:      20 mA capacitive
Making capacity:     60 to 300 W (incandescent, and 12 V halogen lamps only)
Regulating time:     4,4 sec +/- 0.2sec from fully on to off
EMC emission:        According to EN 50081-1
EMC immunity:        According to EN 50082-1
Electrical safety:   According to EN 60950 and EN 60065
Signal sensitivity:  15 mVpp min 50 mVpp max at 120 kHz
Input impedance:     55 W (L - N) at 120 kHz
Ambient temperature: - 10 degrees C to + 50 degrees C (operation)
                     - 20 degrees C to + 70 degrees C (storage)
Dimensions:          52 x 122 x 33 mm (width x height x depth without plug)


Part No Description Stock Availability at 04:53 Oct, 28 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10015 LM12U UK PLUG-IN X10 Lamp Module (UK 3 Pin Plug) Stock = 41 £ 8.00
10755 *FIVE PACK* LM12U UK PLUG-IN X10 Lamp Module (UK 3 Pin Plug) Stock = 16 £ 48.00
10756 *TEN PACK* LM12U UK PLUG-IN X10 Lamp Module (UK 3 Pin Plug) Stock = 12 £ 96.00
10457 Spare 2 Amp Mains Fuse (Suitable for use in LM12/LW10/UK Mains Plug) Discontinued.  


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