Thursday, 28th October 2021

AW10U Appliance Wall Switch

The AW10U switch looks just like the LW10U except it is an appliance module that can control any type of load: resistive 10A, motor 3A, incandescent 2000W. A red LED on the front of the switch illuminates to indicate that the module is switched on.

Please note that a NEUTRAL connection IS required for the installation of this module. It is quite unusual for a British house to have a Neutral connection at a light switch, however it is normal to have a Neutral at water boiler switches, etc.

Responds to direct X10 commands, and also to All Units On/Off.

The most common uses for the AW10 are controlling Flourescent lights, "Energy Saving" lights, water heating boilers, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Technical Data
Supply voltage:      230V +10%/-15% 50MHz
Power consumption:   2.5W
Supply current:      20mA capacitive
Making capacity:     2KW (incandescent lamp only)
                     10A (resistive load)
EMC emission:        According to EN50081-1
EMC immunity:        According to EN50082-1
Electrical safety:   According to EN60950 & EN60065
Signal sensitivity:  15 mVpp min,50mVpp max @120 KHz
Input impedence:     180W(L-N)@ 120KHz
Connections:         Screw type terminals for live,
                     neutral and switched live.
Ambient temperature: -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C (operation)
                     -20 degrees C to +70 degrees C (storage)

Dimensions:          Length 85, Width 85, Height 26 mm

Q: How do I take the cover off?
A:There's a knack to it really

I use a small flat blade screwdriver (blade being about 4mm wide)

Looking at the unit from the front, insert the screwdriver by the hinge "lug" on the right, and pull to the right, whilst twisting it round/up and the rocker should pop off

Putting it back on again, I use my hands, and put it in the left hand hinge, whilst trying to push the middle of the rocker (so it might "U" in shape) and then click it into the right hand hinge


Part No Description Stock Availability at 04:51 Oct, 28 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
10030 APPLIANCE SWITCH AW10U X10 (Requires NEUTRAL Wire) Discontinued.    
10771 *** FIVE PACK *** APPLIANCE SWITCH AW10 X10 Discontinued.  
11517 SPARE AW10 Rocker Switch Cover (Red Indicator requires gluing to White Cover) Stock = 82 £ 3.00


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