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  • Designed to be concealed in existing switches or wall sockets
  • Transforms a standard wall socket into an X10 controlled socket
  • For use with any model, colour or brand of switching material
  • Make use of all the advantages of the X10 System, while the technology is totally invisible in your house
  • Remote control of wall sockets anywhere in the house
The AW12 Micro Module is an X10 compatible Receiver and Appliance Module designed to be fitted behind a standard UK mains socket, to allow X10 control of that socket.

Note that Positive and Neutral are required for operation of this unit.

MicroModules require an X10 transmitter to set their internal address (they do not have Code wheels like the older modules). The cheapest CE Approved transmitter to do this is the MT10. Note that the CM12 is not able to set a MicroModules address

Download manual (pdf)


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10936 AW12 X10 MicroModule Appliance Module Discontinued.    


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