Thursday, 28th October 2021

Global Comms TV Link Plus

The TVLinkPlus is the latest designed product to join the TVLink range and has been designed to be used in conjunction with the TVLink unit.

With this product you can now view and remotely control any two normally controled infra red devices such as a terrestrial freeview unit, video recorder, digital satellite receiver or DVD unit.

In a typical system installation, the interface unit would be located in close proximaty to the units you wish to control. The two infra red blaster units are then placed such that they will blast the remote control signals directly at the front of the controlled device.

The unit receives its information from the remote TVLink eye so in order to use the TVLinkPlus you must already own one (or more) TVLinks.

The unit is designed to operate with the remote control normally supplied with the device to be controlled or with a suitably programed universal remote control.

There is an optional Power Supply available for the TVLInk+. You would only need this if you do not have a Sky box (as the Sky box provides power for the TVLink and TVLink+), or if you have a number of TVLinks and a Distribution Amplifier all powered by the Sky Box.

If you wish to control more than 2 devices, then you can add a second TVLink Plus. Here is an example diagram.

Note the TVLink+ cannot relay infra-red signals for digital cable boxes (from NTL and Telewest). It is compatible with RC5 and RC6 infra-red codes which most manufacturers use.

Compatibility Chart
Most Infra-red controlled equipment OK
(Doesn't use IR)
Freeview OK
Sky OK
Sky+ OK
Cable - Pace 1000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 2000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 4000 NOT OK
Cable - Pace 4001 OK
Cable - Pace 4010 OK
Cable - Telewest PVR OK
Cable - Samsung (Silver) OK
Cable - Scientific Atlanta 4000DVB NOT OK
Cable - Scientific Atlanta 4200 NOT OK
Cable - Virgin+ OK
The Cable Boxes that are NOT OK, can be controlled if the RedEye is purchased as well

Q. Will this work with my Virgin V+ box?
A. Yes, with a but. To control the V+ from a distant room, you would need coax running from the V+ box's location to the viewing room, a tvLink, the tvLink+ and optional power supply - as listed here. That will allow you to change channels on the V+ box. If the V+ box is setup to just output in SD, then it will work fine via coax. But note, if the V+ box has HD output enabled it's RF (coax) output is disabled, so the only way to send the pictures and sound to the distant room would be via HDMI. Since the TV near the V+ box will probably also be using HDMI, you will need an HDMI splitter (one output for the local TV and another for the distant TV) plus a long HDMI cable to connect to the distant TV


Part No Description Stock Availability at 04:54 Oct, 28 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
11067 TVL+ Global Comms - "TV Link Plus" Discontinued.    
10572 12V DC Adaptor UK Plug 500Ma Regulated 2.1 Plug Center Pin Discontinued.  
11520 Global Comms - "TV Link" SILVER Discontinued.  


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