Wednesday, 8th December 2021

Clipsal ULTI RF Light Switches and Dimmers

  • Easily add 2 way light control to any room - just requires 1 Receiver and 1 Freelocate Switch
  • Completely Retrofittable - the Receiver replaces any standard switch without rewiring
  • RF Receiver - receives RF signals from ULTI Remote Control Units and Freelocate switches
  • LED Backlight - turns on when switch is OFF for ease of positioning

ULTI Switch is an RF controllable dimmer switch designed to be easily retrofitted. The Faceplate/Receiver replaces a standard light switch, and just requires Positive and Load (to the light). This will just fit into a 35mm backbox or 47mm backbox.

Then you can just add Freelocate switches anywhere you like and you have instant 2 way light switches! The Freelocate switches are extremely thin RF transmitters that are attached to the surface of any wall. They then transmit to the receivers to turn the light on/off/dim etc. Want control from a 3rd loaction (3 way light control) ? No problem. Just add a 2nd Freelocate switch, and you're up and running in seconds


Single Button Faceplate/RF Receiver
On/Off Only

Two Button Faceplate/RF Receiver
On/Off/Dim/Bright for 1 Group

Four Button Faceplate/RF Receiver
On/Off/Dim/Bright For 2 Groups
RF Transmitters

Two Button Faceplate/RF Transmitter
On/Off/Dim/Bright for 1 Group
Only 10.5mm deep!

Six Button Faceplate/RF Transmitter
5 Scenes, plus All Lights Off

11181 Remote Control
Group 1 - 5 On/Off/Dim/Bright, All Lights Off, and 5 Scenes

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    Part No Description Stock Availability at 00:32 Dec, 08 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
    1 Gang Dimmers - 2 Button Faceplate On/Off/Dim/Bright  
    11164 Clipsal U101DSN600 ACG1 1 Gang 600W Dimmer Champagne Gold (Switch & Receiver) Discontinued.  
    These RF Transmitters allow Scene Dimming  
    11183 Clipsal U106RWM001 XCG1 6 Key FreeLocate Switch Champagne Gold (Switch Only) Stock = 1 £ 24.00


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