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  • Tiny Dimming Module, Requiring No Neutral Connection!
  • Designed to be concealed in existing switches or wall sockets
  • For use with any model, colour or brand of switching material
  • Suitable for dimming Incandescent Lamps (60W - 250W) and Dimmable Electronic Low Voltage Transformers (60W - 200W)
  • Controlled using a momentary switch or X10 signals
  • Responds to Address On, Address Off, Address Bright, Address Dim and All Lights On/All Lights Off/All Units Off, as well as certain Extended X10 Commands
  • Soft-start and dim and bright
  • Remembers it's last dim setting
The new LW12 Dimming Micro Module is the module everyone has dreamed of for years! This tiny module measuring only 40mm square by 15mm deep can be installed virtually anywhere, and best of all it does not require a Neutral connection, so is easily retro fitted behind an existing light switch (the switch would then need to be changed to a momentary action switch).

The unit also offers soft start, and dim, which means the light slowly fades up from off, when turned on, and slowly fades down to off, when turned off. Not only does this create a hi-tech feel to your lights, it also increases bulb life dramatically. The unit also remembers it's last dim level, so when next turned on, will return to that same level.

The module contains a special electronic fuse which opens if there is an over load, or the bulb blows, and then closes again when the fault goes away.

When the unit receives a message, it will operate as follows:
Off                              Light fades to off gradually
On                               Light fades on to memory level
Dim                              Dims from current light level
Bright                           Brightens from current light level
All Lights On                    Brings light 100% on immediately (no fade on)
All Units Off & All Lights Off   Full Off immediately (no fade off)

How to do two-way switching

Normal Wiring

Wiring Changes for LW12

MicroModules require an X10 transmitter to set their internal address (they do not have Code wheels like the older modules). The cheapest CE Approved transmitter to do this is the MC10. Note that the CM12 is not able to set a MicroModules address

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Download manual (pdf)

Incandescent bulb OK
LV Halogen OK depending on transformer
GU10 Incandescent bulb OK
Fluorescent bulb NOT OK
Megaman "Dimmerable" bulb NOT OK
Most LED bulbs NOT OK
Philips Master LED Mains GU10 bulb NOT OK


Part No Description Stock Availability at 06:00 Oct, 28 If ordered on-line Price = Qty to
11608 Micromodule LW12 X10 MicroModule Dimming Module Stock =>200 £ 5.00
12127 *** TEN PACK *** LW12 X10 MicroModule Dimming Module Discontinued.  
12671 12V Dimmable LV Halogen Transformer (Suitable For Use With LW12/LD11 etc) Discontinued.  


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